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Items are an integral part of game-play in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They modify Isaac's Attributes, grant or modify Tear Effects, and much more. The Lunatic Mod currently adds 45+ new items, with the planned total number being around 150.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Template:52-Card Pickup Template:AK-8087 Template:Backspace Button Template:Book of Exodus Template:Book of Genesis Template:Book of Leviticus Template:Book of Numbers Template:Cursed Book of Belial Template:Cursed D6 Template:Cursed Yum Heart Template:D24 Template:D34 Template:D5 Template:Pandora's Box X Template:Particle Accelerator Template:Pure Heart Template:Purple Candle Template:Swap Meet Template:Wild Card Template:Zap Wand

Name Icon Description Recharge

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Template:3-UP Moon Template:BIG Axe Template:Blueberry Milk Template:Candle of Strength Template:Cherry Bombs Template:Coconut Milk Template:Coffee Milk Template:Cursed Clover Template:Dad's Coffee Template:Energy Drink Template:Fast Food Template:Half Dollar Template:Hammer Up! Template:H POKe Template:Isaac's Nose Template:Mom's Heart Template:Nuclear Power Template:Orbitron Upon picking up, spawns an Orbital that shoots Bombs at Enemys.

Template:Pastafarianism Template:Pants of Power Template:Pick Pocket Template:Poison Mushroom Template:POKeWTRAINER Template:Psy Bum Template:Pyromancy Template:Shamrock Shake Template:Sneakers Template:Steak Template:Strawberry Milk Template:Sunny C Template:The Taco Template:The Torch

Name Icon Description

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